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In addition to the photographic story of the wedding you can evaluate our extras.

Our extra services and products can relate to the wedding day itself or to the days before and after.

You will find them already included in some packages or can be purchased individually.

Same Day Video.

It is the “video of the day created in the day”. 
Made during the reception and screened before the cake. It allows you to relive the day with unpublished images.
Delivered already in the evening in whatsapp version.
(password 456)

Sposa Walk Nature

Il White. 

Modern Elegant Portraits.
A professional photo set with unique portraits, unlimited prints and an online gallery.

An exclusive experience for all participants in the event.

Sposa Wedding Nature

Pre Wedding.

The photo shoot that anticipates the wedding.

A sincere story, of carefree boyfriends, to announce the wedding with special images.
We recommend a particular place or time. A trip. A dawn.
An environment dear to you.

Life Case Album.

An album to live. One hundred individual images contained in the Life Case, container of memories and design element.
Delivered with 2 images already framed, ready to decorate a wall in your home. Each image is replaceable with the others present in the case.

Vinci Journal.

The fine album with a carefree style.
Rich in delicate images and with a refined style.

This book represents the most complete immersion in the printed story of your day.

>> Here some pictures of our Journal.
Sposa Wall Flowers

Fine Art Album.

The finest of our albums.
Modern handmade book with fabric and eco leather covers.
The deepest, softest colors on museum-quality prints.
Your memories will be enhanced over the years with the best viewing experience.

Ostuni Vialetto

Prima Album.

The smartest of our albums.

Modern book in velvet cover size 30x30.
It will fully tell the wedding day.

The richest in images and quick to receive.