Find out more about our work and how we will tell your story.

How would you define your photographic style?

We are photographers of people, we love life and every human affair.
Our style is based on an idea: the most touching photos of a wedding cannot be programmed.

For this we work on the thousands of moments of the event without requiring forced poses.
We can therefore define ours as a sweet photojournalistic style, which knows the dynamics of the wedding well.

We will create a real reportage full of spontaneous moments.
And we will enhance the aesthetics of the places and the elegance of the details.

How do you manage your team work?

We believe in teamwork. And like every team we believe in comparison and mutual improvement.

In recent years we have invested in the growth of our work group. developing an overview and achieving greater efficiency.
This today allows us to face the most demanding events, in the distances and in the ancillary services that we offer during a wedding.

Teamwork, especially in the covid era, has given us the opportunity to be more flexible in situations of uncertain dates, and above all to guarantee our services even in the event of unforeseen events or forced stops.

We have read that you are part of associations of photographers and obtained awards, what does it mean for us couples?

We are both members of ANFM, the most important Italian association of wedding photographers.

This guarantees our customers compliance with the rules of transparency and responsibility.

In this association we have obtained the special recognition of SELECTED photographers, among the few in the Marche, based on our artistic standards and overall quality.
In addition to associations, we regularly participate in contests that allow us to compare and improve. Various of our reportage-style images have been awarded in WPJA contests, an international association that promotes photojournalistic style in weddings.

Some of our inspirational works have been published on national and international blogs.

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How to book a service for our wedding?

If you think we can tell you about your day, you can book a service by confirming your date.
We will send you a contract that you can also sign online. A deposit will also be required. At this point we will notify you of the confirmation.

We love being close to couples right now.
You will immediately be part of a dedicated newsletter and you will receive some interesting info that will help you to better face this journey.

The pictures posted are always about good times with happy and excited people. Do such beautiful things always happen?

Our reportages tell what really happens, so we will not be able to photograph what will not happen.
But certainly very, very beautiful things can happen ...

We believe that part of our work is already done before the wedding, getting to know the couple, sharing some considerations and providing some advice. Words that could help you live that day in the most exciting and spontaneous way.

At this point a good photographer has to make a difference ... anticipating and capturing a moment as it's happening.
Already in the organizational phase, imagine the whole day and embellish it with moments and situations that will make it unique and exciting.

If your wedding will not develop in one place, we advise you to seriously think about locations close to each other. This way your event will last longer and your guests will be more rested ... and will use their energy just to celebrate you.

Is the location important for a good result of the photos?

We would tell a lie if we said that it is not important to have a well-kept and beautiful location.

By location we mean all the places and environments that will be part of the wedding. Where will you get married, where will you celebrate, where will you dance, where will you get ready and more ...
For example, with a preparation in a narrow room, without natural light, with people who do not favor a positive mood, it would be very difficult to take really beautiful photos ... and at the same time it would also affect the morale of those who are preparing themselves. .

While peaceful and well-kept and tranquil environments, they create harmony and are essential for high quality images.
You may be thinking about these things from the start.

Many times a location other than home would gladly host a bride even before the ceremony, or the church you have always dreamed of could offer you a more serene and fascinating air.

We assure you that all these different moments ... exciting, intense and fun will enrich your story.

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Will we be able to request specific photos on the wedding day?

Of course! That day we will be at your disposal.

We love spontaneous shots, but we appreciate the value of remembering photos with friends and family.
Even when you are enjoying the party it will be a pleasure to stay around and a glance will be enough to get closer.

To live more carefree on the wedding day, we will send a questionnaire a few weeks before. You can tell us if you have requests such as group photos at the reception, family portraits, grandparents or particular places ...

Tell us everything.
We will be happy to include all of this in our program.

When would it be better to contact you?

Working as a team, we manage multiple events on the same day, but our advice is: if your date is in a very popular period such as summer weekends, then it would be better to hear from each other a year earlier.

We strongly recommend that you also consider midweek dates which can offer many benefits.

How do you calculate the price of a wedding photo shoot?

We take into account our overall professionalism.

Even if it is an artistic work and linked to happy moments, we are aware of the responsibility we have.
This is why we carry it out with the utmost seriousness, loving all its facets and investing in continuous improvement.

Before we can proceed with a definitive proposal, we take into account particular needs and other elements such as travel and dates that distinguish your wedding.

Often in addition to the packages that we already provide, we also create some tailor-made based on the tastes of individual couples. In evaluating the investment for a wedding photo shoot, we invite you to consider that the images are the only thing of that day that will remain forever ...

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Can you give us any advice on making the video?

Many videomakers will be able to tell your day in a modern and cinematic way. Look at their sites and find the style you like best.
For our part, we can say that interacting well with those involved in the video is very important for everyone's final result.

In recent years we have met teams of videomakers with whom we share some ideas and ways of working.
Feel free to ask us for the list of teams we work with.

You can take them into consideration for your wedding, contact them directly or if you prefer, through our studio.

How long will we have to wait to receive the photos?

About 40 days after the wedding you will have a private online gallery with the entire photo shoot.

All high resolution photos will be delivered on USB based on the package chosen.
Only for Weddings taken in the final part of the season we may take an extra week or two.

We are very keen on respecting delivery times because we imagine your desire to see all these photos... but it is also true that we want to ensure maximum quality of the images and also of the editing.

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Do you edit and grading the photos or do you deliver them as you take them?

Absolutely not! We do not deliver the photos as they were taken, because depending on the places and the lights they would be too different from each other and the final work would not be as pleasant as we would like.

To give the images shot a unique and consistent style, we have created and improved from year to year, a mix of color profiles.
Our color inspirations derive from new wedding trends and from the colors of some modern TV series.

Each image will be edited and enhanced individually.
And since quality counts today, what will thousands of photos without identity be used for?

So first of all there is the work of choosing the images that will be part of the story.
Ours is an artistic work that includes many components, including that of storytelling, and it is important that this transpires in the images.

On the basis of what to choose ancillary services? Or a photo album?

In our packages, or even selectable individually, there are various accessory services and albums.
We imagined each for a different experience.

And they are based on the interaction, the emotion and the situation they will create.
We advise you to evaluate them according to your tastes and the mood you would like to create for that day.

Today we are proud to offer unique products in Europe such as IlWhite.

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