Vision and Style 

We love the delicate moments that embellish a wedding, we love to pluck fleeting moments to keep them forever.
Stubborn about the aesthetics of the compositions and the combinations of our colors.

We are happy to show you our style through this reel.

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We wanted to be a couple in love
that tells the stories of couples in love ...   
... actually we are. 




In modern weddings, free and personal solutions are preferred.
Imagine your tailor-made event.
And live it as you are.
This will be the right atmosphere to take the best shots.

Wedding Day

Be Yourself

Free emotions.
We would like to tell this. The beauty of joy.
The elegant moments of waiting. The passions.
We prefer what we read in the looks and the truth of the dances.

Be Yourself


Obviously the bride and groom.
But we cannot tell a wedding without telling what happens around it. 
Small details, stories within stories.
The colors and the lights. The people who will live that day.

Le Foto


We love to explore, understand and tell with discretion.
There is a fusion that excites us. 
A mix of photojournalism, lifestyle and wedding style.
We pursue real photography. 
Sensitive. Creative.



Ours is a fantastic job.
We create images that will become precious memories.
The most touching photos cannot be scheduled.
We will find emotions in real moments and we will not require forced poses.



We believe in innovation.
We need to grow and renew ourselves.
Art, like the wedding sector, are constantly evolving.
We love to insert new visions into the works.
In the style of the images, in the products we make.

Innovative Wedding