We are pleased to show you our collections.
Treated in detail to offer the best Wedding photography experience.

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MODERN eur 2700

Our starting collection includes two photographers for the entire event (approximately 12 hours).

A professional editing of all the service according our style. 
The delivery of the images in high resolution on USB support or digital transfer in about 90 days. 
A private On Line Gallery.

Our Modern Case with the printing of about 100 photos in 10x15 format.

LIFE eur 3200

All the sublime services of the Modern Collection plus one of our albums instead of the Modern Case. 

You can choose between:  

Life Case Album 100 prints in 20x30 format and 2 furniture prints already framed, or Prima modern book album in velvet cover size 30x30 or Coffee 150, Table Book, size 30x25 with 2 duplicates 24x20.

SAME DAY eur 3900

The Same Day Collection includes all the sublime services and products of the Life Collection plus our Same Day Video. 

It's the “video of the day created in the day”.

The Reel will be edited during the reception and screened by us in special moment. 

EVENT eur 5800

The Event collection will give a wonderful experience to your event.
It includes all the sublime services and products of the Same Day Collection plus:

the Intimate Shooting, a special session the day before the Wedding

our ILWhite Modern Elegant Portraits Photo Set  A professional photo set with unique portraits, unlimited prints and an online gallery.

Anitori Ceremony



You can evaluate our products and services a la carte.
Buy them individually and add to your collection. We’ll make a proposal tailored to you.

Photo albums
Our photo albums start at 800 Euros. You can visit all our offer in detail here.

Same Day Video
It is the “video of the day created in the day”. 
eur 800
ILWhite Modern Elegant Portraits
ILWhite Wedding Edition 3h with any logo
eur 1300

  >>> Here the complete ILWhite pricelist
password w20

Third Photographer
 for ornaments, decorations, special perspectives, locations or special events
eur 800
Intimate Shooting
a special session, pleasant cuddle and memory of the last day of engagement
eur 500
Rehearsal Dinner
to memorize this first exciting experience of friends and family to celebrate your wedding
eur 700
Fast Delivery
If you can not wait. To receive the gallery of your Wedding within 10 days.
€ 700

We wish you a good reading and vision. We remain at your disposal for info and updates.